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Grow a wildly engaged following THAT hangs on your every word!
And start getting paid like the influencers do...

...Even if you're brand new and scared of doing videos!

These strategies helped us 10x our personal sales & become TikTok influencers who consistently top the company leaderboards for both sales and team building! 

"These strategies can do the same for you! Get ready to be an Influencer! "

  • Learn the exact viral video blueprint we used to grow our Tik Tok accounts from scratch to over 100k in less than 3 months.
  • ​Harness the power of our LEGO strategy to gain absolute clarity on what to talk about and who you're talking to.
  • ​Get our step-by-step process for turning viewers into raving fans who can't wait to buy from you and join you.
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And … in case you’re wondering … no one knew who we were prior to following our new accounts, so we had ZERO influence there, to begin with.

"It made me more confident  and because of all of the things I learned I was awarded top sales in my state ."

Julie Jabiro, Workshopper

Feel like everything that used to work to get results in your business suddenly no longer works?

Your posts feel like a total ghost town and you wonder if anyone is even actually seeing your stuff.

You’re spinning your wheels… again…  and starting to wonder if maybe you’re just not cut out for this online business thing.

We hear ya’!  

Social media has changed drastically over the past two years and if you’re still working old strategies, your business is bound to continue declining…..

… unless you do something about it!

Unfortunately, so many trainers or so-called gurus out there, are still teaching the same old tactics because they aren’t in the trenches everyday and they just don’t realize how much everything has changed!

And some of them are charging a lot of money for those tired tactics and it’s all making you feel fed up and burnt out.

It’s not YOU! You are not broken. Your approach is.

We are in the trenches building our business, every single day, so we see first hand, what’s shifting, what’s no longer working and more importantly … WHAT IS!

In our Instant Influencer Masterclass, you are going to learn EXACTLY what you need to be doing, right now, in your business … to bring in a steady stream of your perfect customers and business builders… almost on auto-pilot.


  • How to 'micro-niche' on TikTok to attract a massive audience
  • ​The 5-step blueprint to creating content that converts every tine
  • ​How to quickly build to 1000 followers so that you can GO LIVE!
  • ​What to STOP DOING on Tik Tok that worked a year ago but will now harm your progress
  • The exact process we use to move people from commenter to customer, with ease
  • ​What you need to know to stay out of trouble on TikTok and avoid being restricted or worse yet... SHUT DOWN!
  • ​What you need to know about hashtags, trends, and the onboard tools that can help you go viral 
  • ​The best way to caption and title videos to instantly stop the scroll and get people sharing, saving and watching to the very end!



You’ll go from confused and frustrated to crystal clear on exactly what to do and how to show up on social media.


You’ll go from no pay, low pay or inconsistent pay to tapping into that residual income you’re working so hard for.

Generate leads

You’ll go from inconsistent results to a reliable and dependable flow of leads, sales and sign ups so you don’t have to be afraid to login to your back office!


And even better…. you’ll know how to teach your team how to do the same thing!
and more...

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Hi, Staci and Nicole here - we have been entrapreneurs in the network marketing industry for nearly a decade. We embraced the suck and created 6 figure organizations. We help online business owners grow their business using the latest tools that teach how to get into authentic conversations that convert to sales and sign ups.


The Instant Influencer Workshop has been responsible for allowing business owners to earn a passive income and generate incredible revenue.

Without it, you will waste your time stuck in Entrepreneurial Groundhog Day and struggling to find time to do the things that really matter in your business.

With it, you can eliminate all of the 'what to post overwhelm' and follow a simple process to attract your perfect person, allowing you time to focus on business building or enjoying more of the "good life" instead!  

xx Staci and Nicole


So if you’re ready to get off the struggle bus to Suckville start charting a new course to Successland…

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